Off-The-Peg Courses

We offer a range of off-the peg courses

You need different skills for your shop-floor staff, administrative staff and your senior management. We can help you identify your specific needs and design the right programme for each sector of your company.

Some examples:

  • Language and cultural awareness for secretaries and P.A.s
  • H&S for warehouse staff – recognising and understanding labels and instructions
  • Middle and top management basic language and culture

Short and sharp solutions from TLC

Training can be delivered in the form of customised courses, seminars or workshops.

The content of each workshop or course is tailored according to your needs, and will blend theory with practical exercises designed to ensure active participation and thus more effective learning.

Workshops can cover the following:

business environment, business etiquette, working practices, communication styles, negotiation, cultural do’s and don’ts, history, geography, peoples, religion, politics, society, gender issues, languages

Bespoke Language Training Formats

Course formats

The Language Centre (cic) provides tailor-made and bespoke business language training in a variety of formats, all of which can be combined or adapted to suit your specific learning needs.  

Training can is delivered by well qualified native-speaking trainers , experienced in teaching adult business learners, either on your premises, ours or any suitable place.  The core training formats we offer are:

Flexible Individual Language Training training

  • 1:1 training with fully qualified and experienced native speaker of the target language
  • one or more 90 minute lessons per week for Language Training. Hours to be arranged with learner for all other type of training
  • arranged on a flexible basis at times suited to the learner’s schedule
  • booked on a modular basis for agreed number of hours (minimum 15)
  • course content is tailored to the specific requirements of the learner, & continuously reviewed

Group training

  • up to six people from the same company per group
  • one or more 90 minute lessons per week
  • at fixed times each week or scheduled on a flexible basis to suit the group members’ availability
  • booked either on a modular basis (eg 40 hours) or for an agreed period of time (eg 6 months)
  • course content is tailored to suit the requirements of the group, and continuously reviewed

Intensive courses

  • a 40 hour week of intensive language training and supervised self-study
  • usually taking place on a 1:1 basis, although groups of up to six can be accommodated 
  • includes lunch with trainers to practise conversational skills in an informal context
  • Can take place on-site or off-site at extra cost
  • course content is tailored to suit the requirements of the learner, and reviewed on a daily basis  

Culture Awareness and Etiquette Training & Workshops

How can business people increase their cultural competence and develop good cross-cultural business communication skills? The key is to gather information about the other culture, understand their views and attitudes, learn about differences in usage and adapt communication. And don’t forget that the judgements work both ways, so be sure to analyse your own culture and how your communication style may be perceived by others.

Cultural diversity doesn’t just apply abroad so we also run sessions on British Diversity and Culture Awareness

Topics generally covered in Training:

  • Personal Needs Analysis to identify challenges, experiences and expectations
  • Assessment of your cultural competence to deal with culturally diverse situation: Intercultural Communication, Building Commitment, Cultural Sensitivity and Managing Uncertainty
  • Cultural know-how, cultural behaviour and style
  • Dos and Dont’s in social and professional settings – the pitfalls.
  • Challenges and experiences – preparing for culture shock and developing strategies before a visit.

Format of Training 

  • One-to-one intensive coaching: very useful before a visit 
  • Interactive session with groups of 8 maximum.
  • General presentation to cross-expertise businesses: conferences, networking events, expos..


We can also facilitate one-day workshops specifically for participants from councils, libraries, departments, community organisations, educational organisations, and health and aged care organisations.

We welcome HR practitioners, Multicultural officers, Community Service workers, Learning and Development and other professionals working across cultures.