How do I find out my level? Do you offer placement tests?

  • You can have a look at our level descriptors online or you can call us. We do not offer placement tests as they only give a superficial idea of one’s level. If you feel you have enrolled on the wrong level, you have two weeks to switch classes.

I have done some French years ago; shall I enrol on the beginners’ class to revise?

  • You will do all the revision you need in an elementary class; you will be wasting your time in a beginner’s class as it is designed for people with no knowledge of the language whatsoever. You will be surprised at how much you remember after a few sessions

Can I pay by card?

  • You can pay by card or Bank transfer if you enrol on line. We cannot accept cards in the office but only cash or cheque (obviously, you will be given a receipt)

I have joined the wrong level; what can I do?

  • You actually have two weeks to switch classes at no extra charge. Just inform your tutor and the office for insurance purposes and that’s all!

I haven’t heard from you since I enrolled; is my class going ahead?

  • Once you have enrolled online, you receive an automated receipt to confirm you are on the course. You will only hear from us if there is a change of date or cancellation. If you haven’t heard from us the day before your class, assume all is well and turn up for your lesson

Would I join the next level in January?

  • We operate on a term system therefore, to complete a whole level; you will need to attend 3 parts (terms) or two terms plus a revision course in September. Our terms start in October, January and April with a shorter programme in the summer.
  • You need to re-enrol for each term; the sooner after the end of term, the better. You will usually receive a reminder from your tutor and via our newsletter (make sure to check your spam box)

Do I get an exam or qualification at the end of the course?

  • We do not provide examinations but our courses will help you take one somewhere else as we follow the European Language Framework; you do however need to complete a self-assessment form at the end of each term to quantify your progress. If you need proof of studying with us or a letter stating what level you have achieved, get in touch with us.

 Do you do translation too?

  • Yes we do! We have a large team of locally based qualified and experienced translators and interpreters. Contact the office for information and a quote.

I am interested in a language/ level you don’t advertise; do you provide private tuition?

  • Yes we do however, we can run any class providing we have enough enrolments to cover our costs so, if you have a group of friends who would like a specific class even outside Newcastle, we might be able to help! Contact us for a chat.

Some examples of feedback from our students:

“discussing French topical issues in French with people from a variety of backgrounds”

very clear and helpful explanation of Spanish grammar and the use of Spanish throughout”

“I have really liked how much speaking practice we do at level 1”

“I like the flexibility of our tutor and the willingness to derail planned content in response to students’ needs.”

“I like the weekly homework – good for revision and practice”

“topical, real-life subjects for debates”

“thoroughly enjoyed the course and learnt a lot! A very good term for me!”

“tutor is friendly and very approachable”

“I feel like I have learned a lot in 10 weeks!”

I loved it! A lot of speaking and relevant material in a fun atmosphere and the homework helps you go further faster. I will recommend it to all my friends.”

interactive lively nature of the teaching”

“tutor extremely well organised and provides enjoyable and stimulating activities”

“getting homework marked”

“I really liked the way in which interactive activities which encourage enjoyment and relaxation are combined with individual tasks for serious learning”